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Bison-1 Forearm Exercise Equipment General Information / Revolution of Forearm Strength Training

The Bison-1 forearm strength training equipment was constructed by a Belarusian scientist Nikolai Sotsky in 1992. Bison-1 is often referred to as a "gym in a bag". It is the first piece of forearm equipment that allows three-dimensional movements, thus, simulating the bio-mechanics of human joints. About 30 muscles of a forearm and other upper-body are involved in a strength training workout simultaneously, and a complete quantity of possible forearm exercise variations exceeds 100,000.

Bison-1 is designed forforearm and arm muscle strength trainingwith a simultaneous accent oncardiovascular system training. The biggest advantage of thisforearm training equipmentis its ability to provide freedom of exercise variations, giving it a more natural effect versus the basic dumbbell or other weightlifting forearm strength workoutsat the gym, where you are almost always given one or two directions of motion. The second advantage is that during the regular arm and forearm workoutsat the gym, the motion direction is only determined by the construction of given machine, while Bison-1, by giving more forearm and wrist motion freedom, involves even the most neglected deeper forearm musclesby allowing to implement the same type of exercise in different positions and with different ways of holding the equipment's handles, thus, more thorough wrist and forearm muscle tension. The result of such forearm workout is five to seven times more efficient when focusing on muscle strength, leading to considerable decreases in chances of arm injuries in joints, muscles, and tendons. The original design of Bison-1 was built on what we learned back in school – basic forces of friction. As a result we managed to practically eliminate the motion momentum, gravity inertia, and returning to starting position motions (which waste 50% of the workout - unnecessary time and energy loss) - the third advantage. The simple and yet genius design of the forearm equipment offers a wide range of load resistance and resistance variations depending on the speed of strength training exercises.
These unmatched advantages are what is keeping Bison-1 equipment ahead of the forearm strength trainingrace - there is no other exerciser that can match the simplicity of operation, portability, freedom of movement, flexibility of a training environment, and of course, as an outcome of all that – efficiency and unbeatable results.

Bison-1 Forearm Equipment Strength Training and Workout Benefits

  • Compared to other traditionalforearm equipment, Bison-1 exerciser allows free all-directional motions, creating more natural muscle workout effect.
    Thanks to this advantage, the forearm muscles develop more efficiently with Bison-1, which results in the mentioned above five to seven times faster progress inmuscular and tendon strength training.
  • Bison-1 requires no specific training environment, due to its size and weight (weight – 3.3 lbs., dimensions: 2x2x18 in.), the equipment can be easily dismantled into two or three parts, each not exceeding 7.5 inches.
    The forearm exerciser can be easily placed inside a brief case! That’s why it can be a companion on your vacations, business trip, office work, 3...etc.; you can use it while watching TV or waiting in a traffic jam, thus, using your time more efficiently.
  • Thanks to load adjustment options, Bison-1 can be used by professional athletes (weightlifters, athletes, wrestlers, volleyball, hockey, tennis players …etc.), average people not involved in sports, and rehabilitation center patients, in order to restore muscular performance in wrists and forearms.
  • Bison-1 is very simple to deal with; the equipment is very self explanatory, and it takes a minute to understand the adjustment, dismantling, and assembling procedures once you get it in your hands.
  • The forearm equipment introduces a revolutionary approach in training devices design, never ever applied in any other device.
  • The resistance is generated through friction forces. The exerciser engages a friction system inside, that’s why its users are not required to deal with inertia of weights, or other weightlifting devices like dumbbells and barbells, being a negative factor in muscle training efficiency.
    Besides, it is unpractical to scatter your energy. For example, 10 times lifting of the weights up must be alternated with 10 times bringing them down.
    This is a waste of strength, energy, and fatigue. Thankfully you never deal with this problem here by applying the same load equally with much higher efficiency. In addition, the device presents no chances of accidental injury during the workout.
  • When using the Bison-1 forearm equipment you can make over 100,000 exercises for strength trainingof arms, forearms, wrists, and fingers, as well as for cardiovascular system training.
    With Bison-1 anyone can design an individual set of exercises for optimal and fast progress.
  • Bison-1 provides ability for a full range of wrist motions, which helps simulate any type of natural wrist movement, and combined with smooth resistance adjustment feature, you are able to train your wrist, forearm muscles, and grip along the full amplitude of motion. The same ability for full range of motion provides muscle and tendon stretching during the workout. The equipment can also be used in warmups and stretching for grip, wrist, and forearm dynamic stretching. Flexibility is also one of the core factors in strength training, and dramatically decreases chances of injuries during intense activities involving lower arms.
  • Due to the all-directional movement, the trainee is able to co-train up to 30 different muscles simultaneously, from different angles, and along their full length.
    Thus, as compared to traditional training devices and exercises, idle muscles are also involved during forearm training with Bison-1. Due to the all-directional movement, you will also be able to train the forearm muscles along their full length and from different angles! This is one of the core factors in strength training, as you must train your muscles and tendons to the fullest extend for maximum engagement to get them ready for the maximum range of activities.
  • Widest range of applications: from training in over 20 kinds of sports to exercise therapy, post-injury recovery, and post-illness rehabilitation, efficient relaxation after long computer work and attractive game-plays with children.
  • Long service life (if applied properly, the device can last for decades).
  • And, AT LAST !, a great appreciation, given by many European technical councils, military, organizations, and individuals well-known in the world of sport (for details see Awards section).

Bison-1 Forearm Exercise Equipment Design

The equipment (see fig.1,2) consists of two spherical hinges, each comprising a fixing ring (1) with a ball (2) inside of it. The balls are attached to metal rods (3) that are firmly fixed to handles (4). Fixing rings have threading on the internal surface and are screwed onto a coupling bushing (5). Friction elements (6) are located between the balls and bush-ends. Lock-nuts (7) hold the rings in the necessary position on the external surface of the coupling bushing.

Bison-1 parts description screenshot.
Bison-1 parts description screenshot.
Figure 1. Bison-1 Components. Figure 2. Bison-1 Side-cut Draft.

Forearm strength training equipment Bison-1 simulates natural movements of a human body, presenting a fundamental principle of bio-mechanics and kinesiology: "Similar develops similar". The easy mechanism of load adjustment allows the ability to work on all possible joint movements in all three dimensions, while exercising with Bison-1, you will be in full control of your motion directions and load resistance, thus, precisely controlling the energetic tension of the exercises performed. As a result of the personal custom exercises, you will be able to work deeper and smaller muscles and tendons that are almost always neglected by other arm exercises, or regain functionality in your lower arm after a big injury. It is in fact the deeper muscles and tendons that give you functional muscle and joint strength, versus the general strength gained at the gym.

Functional strength is much more important than general in sports and everyday performance. Functional strength allows to safely perform a wide range of motions requiring considerable muscle strength. Think of it as UFC versus classical "no-contact" Karate, running versus walking, three dimensions versus two dimensions, performance versus looks…in simple terms it is just much more effective and efficient!

The strength exerciser Bison-1 differs considerably from the traditional methods of exercising. The results of forearm strength training with Bison-1 are shown on the pictures below. These are not visual effects or tricks; these nails are eight inches long and a quarter-inch thick, tied into complicated knots with bare hands. 99.5% percent of the world population are not able to even slightly budge them, not even talking about tying knots like these. The first knot got a name of the Sotsky's knot, and is made by Nikolai Sotsky, while the other two were given to him, as souvenirs, by other users of Bison-1. Although you may never be attacked by a pair of such nails in real life, it is a demonstration of how strong your grip, wrists, and forearms become after training with Bison-1!

Simple knot tied using 6mm in diameter and 200mm in length nails with bare hands after using Bison-1 Complex knot tied using 6mm in diameter and 200mm in length nails with bare hands after using Bison-1 Complex knot tied using 6mm in diameter and 200mm in length nails with bare hands after using Bison-1
Figure 3. Sotsky's Knot. Figure 4. Complex Knot
(1/4 x 8 in. steel nails).
Figure 5. Complex Knot
(1/4 x 8 in. steel nails).

ATTENTION: the efficiency and simplicity of Bison-1 has practically, no analogues in sports forearm strength training worldwide!

Anyone, who tries exerciser Bison-1 will feel a true increase of rock-solid muscle strength in their forearms. This phenomenon is demonstrated by the graph below, generated during the course of a science experiment:

Bison-1 test results for arm strength
Figure 6. Hand strength development over 21 days of using Bison-1.

Forearm Strength Training Equipment - Applications of Bison-1

Sotsky's forearm exercise equipment Bison-1 can be used for overall upper body strength and endurance development, with main focus on forearms, wrists, and grip. This training is important for various combat-type sports: wrestling, MMA, box / kick-boxing, karate…etc.; arm wrestling, weight-lifting, games like tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball, baseball, football, gold; gymnastics, different types of throwing sports in track-and-field athletics, archery, climbing, sailing, swimming, rowing and so on. The equipment be can effectively used during strength training for many types of dangerous occupations including a lot of arm activities(special forces, security, military, bodyguards and so on), as well as general strength training classes in schools, colleges, universities, groups of aerobics or fitness, and especially - bodybuilding. Using the exerciser for the purpose of recovery from traumas of support or motion apparatus, as well as for some coordination damaging diseases has shown outstanding results. The small size and weight of Bison-1 equipment, possibility of smooth and precise regulation of the resistance load in a wide range allows it to be used during individual trainings at home (while watching television), office (10-15 min. daily workouts during breaks or lunches to refresh upper body muscles), on a business trip, or even during camping and hiking. Bison-1 strength training exerciser proudly keeps the title of the gym in a bag…or briefcase, or backpack – you make the choice!


Forearm Strength Training with Bison-1 in Sports


Bison-1 usage in many types of sports

Bison-1 is already used by professional athletes and average people around the world, and is now finally coming to the United States. This forearm equipment is strongly recommended by athletes for all types of sports where arm and hand strength are important. Due to its three-dimensional movement Bison-1 is able to stress even the deeper muscles of forearms; with 100,000 exercises it is up to each individual to choose the exact muscles and functional wrist movements to work on. Due to the same three-dimensional movement ability of the exerciser it is able to mimic almost all of the hand motions used in sports: jiu-jitsu gripping and holding, MMA punching, baseball pitching, climbing, swimming, tennis racket twists, golf trajectory development, football passing..etc. The number of variations is practically unlimited due to numerous degrees of freedom of the device spherical elements and it's further multiplied by:

  • plane of rotation (frontal plane, horizontal plane, vertical plane)
  • position with respect to the body - behind, in front, and the side
  • different vertical levels - above the head, at the head level, chest level, waist level
  • position of palms on the handles
  • in combination with arm and body movements

However, how important is forearm development in sports? You think you have reached your full potential in forearm strength? These are the questions that triggered the development of Bison-1. Strict focus on all the core factors of functional forearm strength training were integrated and packed into the small-size piece of equipment. It is impossible to fully train your forearms, wrists, and grip by simply using other options offered on the market, they are simply insufficient for modern sports and training techniques. Your true functional strength can only be fully trained with Bison-1.

However, maybe you are an office worker or a traveling agent? - Bison-1 will work perfectly for you as well.

Men's Fitness, April 2002 states "Most denizens of corporate America could classify their forearms as vestigial muscles--tasks such as typing and surfing the Web pose serious injury risks to grossly underdeveloped flexors and extensors." Sure many of active individuals will state that working those forearms in the gym does the job, however, let's look at those types of workouts closer. Yes, heavy dumbbells and barbells sure do increase the general forearm and wrist grip strength, however, it is only a partial bidirectional strength. Working out with Bison-1, focuses on the functional strength, on performance improvement, which decreases risks of finger, wrist, and elbow injuries, instead of focusing on the traditional static motions. Bison-1 not only will deliver the impressive forearm look, but more importantly - develop the performance strength athletes around the world are looking for.

Although Bison-1 is an ideal forearm strength exerciser for professional athletes, it is also a hard to match alternative for businessmen, law enforcement, military, as well as preventative and post rehabilitation device. Bison-1 easily fits in a suit case, and only takes 10-15 minutes out of a day to train; to be honest, that is how much, and most likely more, I spend waiting for red lights and traffic on the way to work! Spend 10 minutes during your break at work, at least every other day, and you will feel a noticeable increase in forearm strength, finger and wrist coordination while typing (trust me, I am a web developer - programmer, I do a lot of typing), and noticeable pain relief. On the other hand, if you start noticing red knuckles on your hands and finger joint pains, Bison-1 will help you to work those joints, decreasing chances and getting rid of joint diseases and irritation caused by overwhelming typing on a computer or a typewriter.

What, if you are in law enforcement, firefighting, or military? Well, the importance of forearm exercising here is vital and life-saving! Hand-to-hand fighting, armed combat, throwing, pushing, pulling, and other activities that involve arms require a lot of forearm and grip strength. Again, we need functional strength, as there are usually no dumbbells in a combat that need to be curled. There were many cases in law enforcement, as well as firefighting when lives were lost and suspects escaped due to poor physical shape of firefighters or LE agents. We believe that Bison-1 just may help someone save person's life, and that is the biggest result this equipment will ever achieve!

 In spite of its quite young age the forearm strength exerciser Bison-1 has already won the awards on the many prestigious international exhibitions. The world of sports and innovations was very excited to have finally introduced the optimal, efficient, and effective forearm exerciser. There is no other

forearm functional strength training equipment

that has won the amount and level of recognition in the world of sports even close to Bison-1

ITE Siberian Fair - SportSib 2010 Gold Medal (Novosibirsk, 2010).

Moscow International Exhibition of Innovations and Investments Golden MedalITE Siberian Fair is the biggest regional exhibition organizer in Russia, far-famed in business circles of the entire world. According to the official statistics of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs "ITE Siberian Fair" is one of the Russian top 5 exhibition business leaders: in terms of the events quantity "ITE Siberian Fair" is the first, and in terms of exhibitors' and visitors' number is the second.

ITE Siberian Fair has been organizing international specialized exhibitions for the last two decades. The company was founded in 1989 as the regional commercial center of the Siberian cities Association. In April 2008 "Siberian Fair" Exhibition Organizer has become a part of ITE Group - one of the world leading international exhibition companies with affiliates all over the world.

Officer's Cross of the Order of Inventiveness (Belgium) - 2007

Officer's Cross of the Order of Inventiveness Officer's Cross of the Order of Inventiveness conferred by the Supreme Decorations Commission of the Kingdom of Belgium to Prof. Nikolai Sotsky, DSc., PhD., Bio-mechanics. for notable achievements in the field of science and inventions.

International Fair (Saint Petersburg) Special Prix Cup "Innovations in Sports Industry" - SportExpo-2005

International Fair (Saint Petersburg) Special Prix Cup "Innovations in Sports Industry" - SportExpo-2005The SportExpo exhibition is one of the traditional meeting places for professionals in sports industry in Northwest Europe. The purpose of the exhibition is to enable manufacturers and dealers of sporting goods and services to find business partners and dealers, to support the company's image and brand, demonstrate products, and examine the existing product proposals. SportExpo objectively demonstrates the level of development of sports industry not only in St. Petersburg, but throughout the Northwest region of Europe as a whole.

The 5-th International Salon of Innovations and Investments (Moscow, 2005).

Moscow International Exhibition of Innovations and Investments Golden Medal

The International Salon of Innovations and Investments is focused on identifying promising innovations, promotion of international investment opportunities; presenting the scientific potential of Russia's regions, and the development of mechanisms for effective integration of science into the industrial and financial sectors.

Presented at the Salon are more than 1800 inventions and innovations that cover a wide range of scientific studies, thus, providing a real reflection of the current state and collaboration of scientific and industrial industries. The list of categories is endless environmental security and environmental protection, aviation and automotive industry, industrial equipment, chemicals and new materials, metallurgy, electricity and energy, utilities, medicine and public health, agriculture and food industry, finance and credit, etc., only through thorough analysis of the future product's success on the market, due to its effectiveness and efficiency, the winner of this prestigious award is determined.

The World exhibition of invention, research and industrial innovations. "Eureka" (Brussels)

Brussels 2002 Eureka Golden Medal
Eureka 2002
Brussels 2003 Eureka Silver Medal
Eureka 2003

Eureka is held in Brussels, Belgium, the renowned Brussels Eureka World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology is a prestigious event that attracts participants from all over the world. Every year, countless innovative organisations gather to exhibit their inventions and exchange views while vying for prize glory.

In the year 2002, 54 countries including the United States, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, China, Japan and Hong Kong exhibited a total of 406 new products in all available categories.

World contest of inventions "Lepine" (Paris).

Lepine 2003 Bronze Medal
Lepine 2003
Lepine 2005 Bronze Medal
Lepine 2005

The inventive genius is chosen each year at Paris's Lepine Invention Exhibition. Hundreds of inventions are displayed - most of them useful and the rest simply curious. Originally, the competition-exhibition rewarded with a prize of 100 francs for a small manufacturer of games and toys, hardware, home furnishings, housewares, sports, mechanics, radio, photography, etc.. It was intended to leave small manufacturers Parisian prevailing economic slump. Today, this invention contest is open to all, including exhibitions of intellectual or industrial property. Its purpose is to reward original inventions. In more than a century, many valuable inventions have won awards, such as ballpoint pen, the two-stroke engine, the variable pitch propeller, contact lenses are among the most famous examples.

Bison-1 has been successfully used for forearm muscle building, forearm strength training, definition, and cardiovascular system exercising by many professionals, sport clubs, gyms, universities, as well government agencies (police, special forces, military), which earned the exerciser a solid reputation in strength development.

Antiterrorist squad almaz report 2
Test Report - Part 1
Antiterrorist squad almaz report 1
Test Report - Part 2
Antiterrorist squad almaz report 3
Test Report - Part 3

From 08/25/05 through 08.25.09 the Special Operations Anti-terrorist Squad "Almaz" (SPBT "A") of Republic of Belarus has chosen 20 members of it's team to train with Bison-1. Graduate student from the University of Physical Education in Minsk, Maxim Vladimirovich Shinder (BGUFK), integrated the power, strength, and cardiovascular exercises with Bison-1 into the physical training of the squad. The results have been measured by a dedicated control team monthly and then compared to the ones of the squad members following the regular training. The results were unexpected! Read the memorandum below, the translated version of the report.

Red arrows to outline personal pictures of athletes using Bison-1

Antiterrorist squad almaz emblem

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Republic of Belarus
Gorodskoy val, 2
220050, Minsk
Tel.: (017) 218 7962, fax: 203 99 18



"Testing results of the Sotsky exerciser Bison-1m by members of the Antiterrorist Squad "Almaz" MVD of Republic of Belarus"

The Special Antiterrorist Squad Almaz (SPBT "A") of Republic of Belarus MVD has been testing Bison-1m during the period of 08/25/05 through 08.25.09.
Red arrows to outline personal pictures of athletes using Bison-1Yevgeniy Kotelnikov - President of the Kickboxing and Thai Boxing Federation, Kick Fighter Club President, WAKO 2001 best coach, WKN 2004 best coach, coach to 15 World champions, presently holds the office of the General manager of EDINAYA RUS International Professional Combat Club in Moscow.
"I recommend using Sotsky's arm exerciser Bison-1 to obtain results that might surprise you.

Kick Fighter Club is well known both in Russia and worldwide. In 1999 this Club was recognized as the world top kickboxing and Thai boxing school. Among the secrets of training are the newest coaching methods and modern sports training equipment...

Obviously, hands are deemed to be the most subjected to traumas both in boxing, kickboxing and Thai boxing. Our fighters have used the arm exerciser Bison-1 for several years to strengthen wrists and forearms. No device can serve better for such purposes. Sotsky's exerciser is simple to deal with, occupies small space, and needs no special preparation training. Many sportsmen of our Club boast of their punches and kicks, partly due to BISON-1 personal exerciser, of course."

Evgeniy Kotelnikov,
President of the Kickboxing and Thai Boxing Federation, Kick Fighter Club President, WAKO 2001 best coach, WKN 2004 best coach, coach to 15 World champions, presently holds the office of the General manager of EDINAYA RUS International Professional Combat Club in Moscow.
Red arrows to outline personal pictures of athletes using Bison-1Sergey Lishtvan - European multi-champion, Olympic prizewinner in Greco-Roman wrestling.
"Sotsky's arm exerciser surpassed all of my expectations! Bison-1 add considerably to my strength and muscular endurance in arms and shoulder girdle for strong clinches generally used during wrestling...

I would also single out this device as a good warming-up machine before training or copetition."

Sergey Lishtvan,
European multi-champion, Olympic prizewinner in Greco-Roman wrestling
Red arrows to outline personal pictures of athletes using Bison-1Maxim Fomichev - two-times russian champion in kobudo
"Bison-1 added explosive power to my puches! It improved my knockout punches, that must be quick and explosive, versus a regular so called push-style punches...

My grip has improved as well, it is very important to have a strong grip in Jiu-Jitsu, especially when trying to submit...I don't lose a hold of the opponent's Gi as easily, and the increased strength allows me to escape the submitions better!"

Maxim Fomichev,
Two-times Champion of Russia (2009 and 2010) in Kobudo, Black Belt - 1st dan in Kobudo, First Place in the Inter-Regional Championship of Russia in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, First Place in the Central Federal Region in Russian Hand-to-Hand Fighting, Third Place in the National Russian Championship in Hand-to-Hand Fighting, Candidate for Master of Sport in Kobudo.
Red arrows to outline personal pictures of athletes using Bison-1Vladimir Volchkov - National tennis team member of Belarus
"I have never seen a better device for arm injuries recovery! Your Exerciser was a lot of help in recovering wrist aching problems. This is a very effective, yet portable means of arm power development and maintenance."

Vladimir Volchkov,
Belarusian tennis team member
Red arrows to outline personal pictures of athletes using Bison-1Alex Pekarchik - 3-times World champion in kickboxing and Thai boxing (WAKO), European champion (WAKO, IAMTF)
"Earlier, for wrists strengthening, I had to deal with weight lifting and other exercises. Having starting with Bison-1 personal exerciser, I experienced considerable power increase after only two months of training. Presently, I have not as many injuries as before, i.e. I used to have my finger joints dislocation, there was an arm fracture once...

Now I am absolutely confident in making kicks and punches without a fear of any injury, moreover, the punches became more powerful. When spending as much time as I do with the Exerciser, i.e. 15-20 minutes 1-2 times a day, you can increase your results considerably after just two months, or - even sooner."

Alex Pekarchik,
3-times World champion in kickboxing and Thai boxing (WAKO), European champion (WAKO, IAMTF)

"The results were amazing! I applied Bison-1 arm exerciser to rehabilitate my shoulder smaller muscles. I was really amazed. Sotsky's exerciser completed the previously 5-month rehabilitation in 2 weeks ..."

Evgeniy Dolinin,
European and World champion in unarmed self-defense and judo

"I experienced a serious muscular upgrade after one month of training, which contributed to my prizewinning in a number of competitions! Sotsky's arm exerciser benefited mostly to my motor strength in wrist and elbow joints, finger joints and to my muscles and ligaments elasticity...

I recommend Bison-1 to both beginner and top-class sportsmen. This device will surely do well to those who train for recreation purposes, or aiming to develop arm strength in shortest time possible."

V. Nikolsky,
World championship prizewinner in arm wrestling, International Class Master of Sports

"There is no alternative to this exerciser! Bison-1 arm exerciser makes it possible to develop muscular and ligament strength in forearms, making elbow and wrist joints strong. I am particularly attracted to it because of its small dimensions and weight, which make it handy to be put in any bag or briefcase."

Sergey Koblov,
Director of the Belarusian Federation of Jiu-Jitsu


"Bison-1 is efficient at all stages of training process, and one can use it at any age! Bison-1 Sotsky's exerciser is recommended for wide range of general and special-purpose applications by the European Unarmed Self-Defense Federation. The Personal exerciser can be effectively used by sportsmen of any age and qualification."